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Currently Available

Below you will find work currently avalable to purchase.

To arrange purchase and delivery please get in touch via the contact page.

please note, some work is made to order, which means a slight wait.

Anything Could Happen

23 crt Gold, enamel and glitter on glass.

Boys Club

Varigated leaf and enamel on glass.

Honey Honey

23crt Gold, enamel and individually laid mother of pearl shell wings. On glass.

Strength Tarot Card

23crt gold and enamel, on glass

The Empress can be made to order.

We've got everything we need.

Vintage mirror, and enamal

Now Then.

Mother of pearl shell, enamel and glitter.. On glass.


23crt Gold, albone heart.and enamel. On Glass.

Now Then

23crt gold and enamel, on glass.

made to order.

Hey Good Looking

Varigated leaf and enamel on wood.

Anti Social, Social Club


Oil gilded varigate leaf , enamel. On glass.

Hey You!

Vintage donkey print, hand lettered in enamel on the front of glass.

Riff Raff Welcome

Enamel on wood.


23crt Gold leaf and enamel. On wood.

Cry Baby

23crt Gold, mother of pearl tears and enamel. On glass.

No Riff Raff

Enamel on wood.

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